PhoQuS project​

Photons for Quantum Simulation

PhoQuS research project

Quantum simulation is an emerging and exciting field for which several systems, such as ultracold-atoms, trapped ions or superconducting circuits are being actively investigated. In this project we aim to develop a novel platform for quantum simulation, based on photonic quantum fluids.

Quantum fluids of light can be realised in different photonic systems with suitable nonlinearities, allowing to engineer an effective photon-photon interaction. The photon-photon interaction necessary to form a superfluid is provided by the optical nonlinearity of the medium. We will first fully characterize the superfluid and quantum turbulent regimes for quantum fluids of light, investigating the propagation in optically controlled landscapes with the demonstration of important milestones such as many-body localization and the superfluid to Mott–insulator transition.

Based on these achievements and on the unprecedented flexibility offered by the all- optical control in quantum fluids of light, we will implement quantum simulations and simulate systems of very different nature, ranging from astrophysics to condensed matter. Fundamental open questions such as superconductivity, black hole physics, and quantum gravity will be addressed within the photon fluid platform.

PhoQuS consortium

PhoQuS, coordinated by Sorbonne Université (France), consists of 9 partners from 5 different countries (France, Germany, UK, Portugal, and Italy).

Latest posts

  • Summer school – Machine learning photonics
    In March 2021, Claudio Conti (SAPIENZA) was invited as speaker to the school Machine Learning Photonics organised in the frame of Lake Como School of advanced studies. The school brings together experts in emerging photonic technologies, machine learning techniques, and fundamental physics who will share with young researchers their knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches for understanding …

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  • 2021 annual Workshop of the GdR Complexe
    Two of PhoQuS partners participated to the 2021 annual Workshop of the GdR Complexe organised by the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel from 13 to 15th of December 2021. Quentin Glorieux (LKB) gave a talk titled Out-of-equilibrium dynamics in a paraxial fluid of light, and Mathias Albert (INPHYNI) on Superfluidity versus thermalisation in non-linear wave systems (Slides). >> …

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  • LIMQUET 2021 Light-Matter Interfaces for Quantum Enhanced Technologies
    From 19-23rd of September 2021, Robert Nyman (Imperial) participated to the LIMQUET conference. The conference focused of the conference is the quantum interfacing of light and matter, new concepts and developments and applications in modern quantum technologies. >> Link
  • DynamicsDays 2021 – XL
    Sergey Nazarenko (CNRS-Inphyni) participated to the organisation of the conference Dynamics Days Europe 2021 from the 23rd to the 27th of August 2021. Iacopo Carusotto (CNR-INO) gave a presentation on Ergoregion instabilities in rotating two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates: Perspectives on the stability of quantized vortices and Maria Chiara (UoG) on Penrose superradiance in photon fluids. >> …

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