03 to 08/07/2020
Varenna, It
Summer school – International School of Physics “Enrico Fermi” Quantum Fluids of Light and Matter, Italian Physical Society
Course 209 – Quantum Fluids of Light and Matterby Alberto Bramati, SU-LKB, Iacopo Carusotto, INO-CNR, and Cristiano Ciuti
postponed to July 2021


13 to 18.09.2020
Les Houches, Fr
Quentin Glorieux in the organisation committee
Quantum Optics in warm vapors, by Quentin Glorieux, SU-LKB

27 to 30.10.2020
Clermont-Ferrand, Fr
Program committee:
Iacopo Carusotto, INO-CNR, Jacqueline Bloch, CNRS-C2N,
Alberto Bramati, SU-LKB, Alberto Amo, CNRS-PHLAM
  • Theory of topological lasers, Iacopo Carusotto, INO-CNR
  • Nonlinear and quantum optics tools for analogue gravity physics, Maxime Jacquet, SU-LKB
  • Towards a kinetic theory for soliton turbulence in one-dimensional quantum fluids, Hugo Terças


17 to 18.10.2019
Helsinki, Fi
Review the progress of quantum technologies and set future strategies
05 to 07.11.2019
Nice, Fr
Atoms and photons Nice 2019, Inphyni-CNRS
Robin Kaiser in the organisation committee
Session: Quantum Fluids of Light, Martin Weitz
Session: Collective and Optomechanical Effects, Tito Mendonça
22 to 25.07.2019
Trento, It
Iacopo Carusotto, INO-CNR, in the organisation committee
08 to 13.07.2019
Nantes, Fr
Special session on quantum fluids of light organized
by Alberto Amo, PhLAM & Quentin Glorieux, SU-LKB
18 to 22.02.2019
Grenoble, Fr
Photons for Quantum Simulation
by Alberto Bramati, SU – LKB
04 to 05.04.2019
Pise, It
I mille volti della luce: ondulatoria, corpuscolare e … superfluida. Una breve introduzione ai fluidi quantistici di luce
by Iacopo Carusotto, INO-CNR